"Our team has worked on major films,
TV shows and national commercials.
Well-connected and experienced!"

Michael David McGuire

Michael David McGuire

Executive Producer

Michael David McGuire is VP- Talent Development and Acquisition at Montana Studios. Starting in the entertainment business in the 1960’s, McGuire appeared in 100’s of regional and national radio ads and major TV and film productions for Warner Bros, Paramount, Quinn Martin Productions, Disney, ABC-TV, CBS-TV and 20th Century Fox.


Chris Cronyn

Line Producer

Chris Cronyn grew up in one America’s most famous show business families. His parents were the award winning actors Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy. Among many projects, Cronyn is best known for his work on feature films including Sophie’s Choice, The Cotton Club, Heat, Bad Boys, Raging Bull and Fatal Attraction.


Tina Buckingham

Casting and Locations Scout

Tina Buckingham is a true pioneer in attracting serious film development to Montana. Buckingham’s clients have included many of the top LA and NY production companies and film directors. Using her own funds in the 1990’s, Buckingham knocked on producers’ doors to help attract significant production work to the state. Feature film credits date back to Rancho Deluxe and include Heaven’s Gate, A River Runs Through It, The Patriot, Taking Chance, Wildlife and The Ballad of Lefty Brown.


Rob Story

Location Manager

Rob Story is a master at helping tell stories on film and in promotional still photos. Having worked with the world’s best-known commercial directors on location in Montana, Story’s credits include major national TV spots and print ad photos for Polaris, Versace, Ford, Chevy, Toyota, John Deer, Budweiser, BMW, Coca-Cola, Wrangler, Boeing, Shell Oil, Yamaha and many dozen others.


JP Gabriel

Filmlites Montana - Big Trucks and Gear

JP Gabriel operates one of the best and largest production gear rental services in the US Intermountain West. Specializing in providing all necessary grip and gaffer equipment, along with highly experienced union crews for national TV commercials and feature films, Gabriel works with top directors and production studios from across North America. Past TV and film projects include Titanic, A River Runs Through It, Walking Out, My Sister’s Keeper, The Miss America Pageant, The Emmy Awards and The Ballad of Lefty Brown.


Nina Alviar

Makeup and Special Effects Makeup

Nina Alviar is one of the most talented media and special effects makeup artists in the nation. Making her home in Montana, Alviar travels extensively.  Recent feature film credits include Far Cry 5 - Inside Eden’s Gate, The Bruce, Useless, Saving for the Day, Tom vs Time, and The Ballad of Lefty Brown.


Gray Mapston

Horse Wrangler

Gray Mapston comes from a long family tradition of ranching in Montana. In addition to being a cowboy, horse trainer and champion rodeo rider, Mapston’s film industry related work includes the major motion pictures Hot to Trot, Return to Lonesome Dove and Seabiscuit.


Michael Campasano

Safety Coordinator and Pyrotechnics

Michael Campasano comes from a diverse and specialized background. Campasano has worked as a professional career Firefighter, Captain/Paramedic, Hazardous Materials Technician, and Terrorism Liaison Officer before starting a second career in filmmaking. Past film, TV and commercial projects, among many, include Running Eagle, Young Guns, Discovery Channel’s Mad Dog Made, Subaru and Duluth Trading Co.


Stacy Ratliff

Reality TV Producer

Stacy Ratliff has written, produced and directed some of the longest running reality programming in TV history. Ratliff’s past credits include Wardens, Gallery of Guns, Driven to Hunt and NASCAR’s Defining Moments.


Vanessa Osborn

Associate Producer

Vanessa Osborn is a successful entrepreneur and comes from a significant background in business management, project management, project development and human resources.


Justin Lewis

Set Photographer

Justin Lewis comes from a very well-established background in graphic arts, web design and photography. Lewis joins the Montana Studios PR team for promotional design, client photoshoots and set photography.


Steve Grover


Steve Grover, Montana Studios CEO, comes from an extensive background in the construction trades, land development and project financing. Grover is a specialist in developing highly competitive financing packages that combine debt, equity, tax credits and other unique products to help maximize client and project success.

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